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Travelling through the Baltic Sea Guggenheim Cruises is a freeport for the storage and handling of valuable art works. With years of global experience in art handling, the Guggenheim storage services provide first class freeport services that reduce tax and handling costs significantly. Works can be displayed on Guggenheim Cruises free of import duties, indirect taxes or security deposits. Our humidity controlled spaces offer services such as a scientific laboratory (quantitative examinations of works of art), an institute (qualitative examinations of works of art), a photographer’s studio, a restorer’s atelier, a joinery, a framer, and of course, secured storage rooms.

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Store your collection today at Guggenheim Cruises in climate monitored, secured facilities, and enjoy great insurance plans and exhibition opportunities that will increase the value of your collection. You will also profit from our electronic monitoring of staff, clients and valuables; 24 hour maximum security; fully equipped offices and meeting rooms; and private viewing suites for art collectors, dealers and auction houses.
“There is a cultural advantage, items can be imported temporarily into the host country without invalidating the tax exemption, encouraging collectors to lend pieces to local museums.” (The Economist).

“the end-customer wants to be seen in, the best alternative to owning your own museum,” (David Arendt, managing director of the Luxembourg freeport)

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