A visionary new museum for the 21st century, combining travel across the Baltic Sea between Helsinki, St. Petersburg, and Tallinn, with an exceptional art experience. As a global freeport, the museum develops a completely new infrastructure, offering the strategic tax benefits of freeport art storage while enabling exhibitions of some of the most important pieces of modern art and design.

At the intersection of East and West, Helsinki, Tallinn and Saint Petersburg are key vectors in the region known as the Gulf of Finland Growth Triangle. This zone is inspired by a similar model used in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, where cooperation between three neighboring economies is being marshaled to accelerate economic growth. Furthermore, Finland plays a key role in the Nordic region composed of Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

Fast-growing metropolitan areas, Helsinki, Tallinn and Saint Petersburg, are facing the greatest urban change in their history within a uniquely privileged situation. They are currently going through a fascinating process of renewal as former industrial and harbor areas are converted into new residential and commercial districts, which will appeal to both local residents, investors and tourists. Strategically, the Gulf of Finland Growth Triangle is seeking to strengthen the urban concentrations of excellence in arts and sciences with a number of specialized districts.